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About the crew:

Absolute Zero (AZero) is Cornell University's premiere breakdance crew. Founded in 1997 out of a common interest for hip hop culture, feeling the beat, and making people go crazy and shout nonsense words, the crew has continued to promote an interest in bboying across the Cornell campus and in the greater Ithaca community.

Absolute Zero is comprised of both undergraduate and graduate students, and for some reason, a lot of us happen to be students with engineering or natural science majors. In that way, we commit ourselves to dispelling the stereotype that engineers are nerds... even though a lot us do enjoy playing video games and watching anime. Don't tell anyone though. Please.

Sometimes, when we're really itching to dance (almost always) and when the weather is nice (almost never), you can see us breaking outside on Ho Plaza or in Collegetown. We would break outside like that more often, but our boom-box (Kaboom) is ghettofabulous and louder than a really big cannon, which can be disruptive for classes in session.


You can usually find us sessioning four times a week at the following places:


Willard Straight Hall, Memorial room

9:00 PM - 11:00 PM


Willard Straight Hall, 5th floor dance studio

9:00 PM - 11:00 PM


Willard Straight Hall, 5th floor dance studio

3:00 PM - 5:00 PM


Helen Newman Hall, Dance Studio

9:20 PM - 12:00 PM

Because there are so many student organizations at Cornell, it's possible (though unlikely) for us to run into scheduling conflicts with these rooms. So if you show up at any of the above times and don't see us... oops.

Bboy Anson (Co-President)

Name: Anson Lin

Class: 2010

I like learning different styles of dance like locking and house. I'm from Seattle even though I go to school in New York and so I like to keep that West Coast flavor in my style. Creativity and originality comes from being true to yourself.

Bboy Anthony Wang (Co-President)

Name: Anthony Wang

Class: 2010

I'm from California. I like bboying. Though powermoves are my favorite, I also like to learn different styles and mess around. I also enjoy playing piano, sleeping, and studying biology. I love God and hope to share his love with the rest of the world.

Bboy 911 (Vice-President)

Name: Naoki John Yoshida

Class: 2012

Representing Intoxicated Movement Crew as well since 2005.

Bboy Black Bear (Treasurer)

Name: Nick Kwok

Class: 2010

I'm from California and I like snowboarding, cars, and anime.

Bboy De La Steve

Name: Stephen Chen

Class: 2010

I live off Red Bull, house music, and the 90-minute sleep cycle.

Bboy Hulk SMASH

Name: Jeremy Miyauchi

Class: 2009

I like martial arts, capoeira, guitar, hiking, animals, and medical sciences.

Bgirl Chelsea

Name: Chelsea Clarke

Class: 2010

Majors: International Agriculture and Rural Development; Science of Natural and Environmental Systems.

Minor: Global Health. I want to save the world.

Bboy Killa Tomato

Name: Naijia Huang

Class: 2005

I can eat 4 pinesburgers.

Popping Jackie

Name: Jackie Li

Class: 2010

I'm really skinny


Yoon Kim, "Bboy RUok", 2009

William Chou, "Bboy Slowbro", 2009

Phil Jay Kim, "Bboy Philcroy", 2008

Vincent Lin, "BBoy Invincible", 2008

Luke Han, "Bboy Luke Nuk'em", 2008

Chris Cheung, "Bboy Seec", 2008

David Hoang, "Bboy Otakon", 2008

Dan Macaya, "Bboy D-mac", 2008

Alex Chao, "Bboy Airchao", 2007

Youngbin Park, "Bboy Bill Swerski", 2007

Sang Taek Oh, "Bboy Outsider", 2007

Shoa Clarke, "Bboy Shogun", 2006

Nicholas Yeh, "Bboy Renickulous", 2005

Scott Eng, "Bboy Scottie2Hottie", 2005

Eric Chow, "Bboy Eyce" 2005

Jo Takahashi, "Bboy Dr. Swipes", 2005

Aaron Wilkins, "Bboy Tiger Hoods", 2005

Dave Chiu, "Bboy Strut", 2004

Robert Li, "Bboy RTL", 2003

Will Chu, "Bboy The East Infection", 2002


Alex Katz, "Bboy Scrambled Leggs", 2002

Rob Chen, "Bboy DJ Freeztylez", 2002

Kent Tai, "Bboy Special K", 2002


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Do you have show requests? Please email us at: absolutezero.cornell@gmail.com

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